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Urgency? Are you addicted?

The reality of it all is that we live in a “fast-food”, “on-demand”, “direct response”, “drive up coffee”, “drive up banking”, “paying bills online”, “direct deposit” hurry up world.  We all seem to be programmed in our society today of expecting things to happen on the spot.  For the most part – it gets easier and easier because of:

  • Worldwide internet
  • High speed connections – even remember “dial-up”?
  • Computers… desk, laptop, notebook – do you even remember the first ones that were room sized?
  • Cordless phones – instead of the ones that actually have cords?
  • Cell phones – do you even remember the first cell phones… big, clunky and not very reliable?
  • Microwaves – remember cooking in the oven?
  • Fast food – making meals by hand?
  • Email – snail mail?

Not that any of the above are bad or good… and remember, these are just a few of the things helping us “speed” up,” be more efficient”, “get more accomplished”.  We won’t even go into all the advances that have been made the past century – even in the past 50 years…  None are bad or good… but have put us all in a mindset of “it has to be done NOW”.  So, just take a moment or two… is mindset really positive?  Is it really good for each of us?  I certainly do not mean the advances… I mean just our MINDSET… our URGENCY…

A blogger, Chris Brogan, wrote about The Assault on Anywhen .. he lost all his connections to the web for 20 hours… No email. No Twitter.  No blog comments, etc.  Although he was ok with being “disconnected”, the emails he received for not answering emails, comments, etc. were “urgent”, “manic”… he went on to say that although it was ok to nudge him, he began to think about the fact that it hadn’t even been 24 hours. He goes on to say that we are ruining “anywhen”.  Anywhen is the problem the internet solved.  When you write an email at 6am – it will be 8am central time, 9am eastern time, etc.  You can read my email anyWHEN,  AnyWHERE is what the telephones solved… get it?  When we have everyone hold onto urgency and time locks, we are ruining Anywhen.

 We get this all the time… if we don’t reply or return a phone call immediately… folks begin to feel abandoned, betrayed, that we don’t care.  (Now I don’t want you to get all in a huff… I am talking generally… not about you.)  Our position is certainly not that important in your life, not urgent… we are guilty as everyone… when we need something; we push for it, not really taking into consideration the other side of the equation.  So instead of just checking something off our list, we come off as insistent and insensitive to other people’s situations.  Also, quite the opposite is true of this… some folks won’t ever contact us because we are too busy…. It is all about balance… we all need to learn balance.  It is also about recognizing that the other party might have something else going on, didn’t get the message, or it wasn’t really appropriate to immediately answer.

 Are you addicted to adrenaline? Living on the edge of constant crisis? Worse yet – do you prefer life that way? Cell phones, e-mail and the Internet are making “urgency addicts” out of all of us. Is the “On Demand” World what all of us really want ALL the time?  I will attempt to discuss this further tomorrow, this is getting too long….. See you then… thanks for tuning in… now let’s have a hot cup of coffee…

4 thoughts on “Urgency? Are you addicted?”

  1. Yes i do recall my fist cell phone 1989 Motorola, yes big and bulky.
    Also Dial up yes way before the world wide web there was the BBS system which was called the Bulletin Board System also 1989.
    (at work we still use a bbs for mat board corners for our computerised mat cutter called the wizard, (snicker)
    My first printer was $450.00 DITOH dot matrix ugh it was a moose.

    Changing channels here. I remember when i was first getting into meditating i used to bring my phone into the bathroon in case i would miss a call, as i meditate while in the tub.
    How funny is that who can meditate when your listening for the phone?

  2. I took a course at work once. It was called Living at 5mph. They made a correlation between driving at 60 mph and driving at 5 mph. When you are going at 60, you miss the much of the scenery that you get to enjoy at 5mph. You are much more aware of the environment at 5 mph, and much more present.
    But sometimes it is appropriate to fly by at 60 mph.
    As you said, it is all about balance, and making sure you take time to be.

  3. LOL–what a fitting topic. Yes you were talking about me but that’s ok. I truly thought all those things when people wouldn’t respond right away (especially to emails)–but as my self-esteem has grown and my sense of balance has increased I have found I am much more tolerant of the fact that people have lives outside of responding to me. It all seems to be about realizing where we are at and where we want to be. Spiritualted–do you still have the phone in the bathroom when you meditate–I’d bet not. It was just where you were at that point and now that it is something you have done for awhile and are comfortable with you are ok with the phone staying elsewhere right?

    It truly does seem to be all about balance–the more we are in it–the easier it is to move in any direction that might be needed/wanted and that adrenaline addiction can just go jump in the lake, river, pond or whatever body of water happens to be near you :).

    Happy Thursday everyone. Love ya Diane–and thanks for taking us with you on your journey.

  4. A most relevant topic for me!
    I find that as I grow older(hopefully wiser) that I can mindfully incorporate balance even into my most demanding,intense and long work days(19 hours) by taking 3-10 minute breaks in the action to breathe,meditate,etc. throughout the course of the day.
    On the days that I step away from my work schedule I can and do often completely unplug and disconnect from the world(television,phone,computer,etc.) looking for some peace and quiet.
    I used to do quite a bit of correspondence and interaction on the internet but that has diminished over time to a select few.
    I work in an educational system and privately in my own business(therapist) and I am aware that they have different norms of expectation regarding communication particularly the expectation of how quickly people expect you to respond.
    Trying to strike the balance of being in the world but not of the world.
    A work in progress!

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