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In the middle… what does this mean?

In the middle… what does this mean?

I guess I need to write another word or three about “being in the middle” – we call this balance… not about body balance which I talked about in a previous blog, titled, Balance, Huh? This is more about “Life Balance” – how to still have opinions but from the center.

So how does a person go about having an opinion and not turning it into judgment? This question was asked of me recently and pretty much why I am writing this pondering. This is certainly an age old dilemma. Everyone knows that when someone judges another or someone judges you, it is a negative emotional experience…. Or is it? What if they are judging you “Great”? “Talented”? Not all judging is negative…. I have done quite a bit of reading and researching on this topic… most of it terms and/or defines judgment as negative. Judging in its purist sense is determining an action either positive or negative… you aren’t making anything bad or good, just figuring out if it is right or wrong. If you go through a red light, it is wrong. If you go through a green light it is right. This is not an opinion – it is determination of legal/illegal. Remember, we are going to basic terms… Judgment on the purist level (from the center, from balance) is unemotional… we are the ones that make it go out of balance by putting an emotion on it… So, judgment from balance – is unemotional… nothing wrong with it… same goes for opinion… You get to have an opinion, you get to have discernment… you have free-will. You “get” to believe and think what you believe and think. This is universal law.

What you don’t get to do is to put your judgment – that you have put an emotion to – on another…. You can have all the opinions you want… but you can’t force another person to have your opinions… they get to have theirs… you get yours…. And both of you stay in the center… in balance. That doesn’t mean you can’t try to persuade them, swing them your way… but in the end, they get to believe and even judge what and how they want to. If it is your universal gift… then it is also theirs… I wish more folks would know this. I have a brother who not only thinks everyone is wrong that differs from his opinion, but loudly proclams how wrong they are.

Think of being in the center as Switzerland — it is a neutral country, but still participates in much of what goes on in world happenings. Coming from the center, from neutral, DOES NOT mean you don’t have an opinion – God Gawd, HAVE AN OPINION; it just means that you can also see the other side of the coin… You don’t have to agree or disagree, it means you know it exists and you know the folks on the other side of the coin have a perfect right to have their opinions.

Also the same goes for listening… can you listen from a balanced position?

So, go enjoy your Monday for me, gonna go take a hike and enjoy the outside… but first things first… coffee…. Thanks for joining me for this little ditty this morning…

3 thoughts on “In the middle… what does this mean?”

  1. Good morning. Great topic. One I’m currently in process with. One little side note though–I’m afraid it is Monday not Saturday–no matter what I might hope :). Have a great day. Hugs.

  2. Great topic!
    Becoming more aware of our own conditioning in terms of the beliefs,values,biases and attitudes we have developed and accepted(often without examination and unconscious) is the first step that is required to facilitate one^s ability to hold a more neutral and balanced center from which to then discern what we may be drawn to or repelled from.
    I know that my own beliefs/attitudes/values have changed radically throughout my adult life and I suppose this process(work in motion) will continue to morph as time and experience passes.
    Unfortunately we tend to project out into the world(judgement) and react to anything/anyone that does not resonate with what we(at the time) believe or support.
    Benoit(French psychiatrist interested in Zen thought)) identified a point of reconciliation that stood separate and apart from the 3-D world of duality that needs a cold to contrast a hot,an up to contrast a down,etc.,etc.,etc.
    This seems to be what you call the point of balance that is neutral and unemotional.
    May we all find and hold that place as best we can!!
    This point of reconciliation seems to be the unemotional

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