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Grounding… Definitions of and 16 things you can do to “ground”

Boy has the above title have many meanings to many people.  Some of the definitions:

  • A form of punishment given to children or adolescents by their parent, and typically involves being forbidden from leaving the home
  • Return to a fully conscious state after an out of body experience
  • Of or pertaining to an electrical conductor which is connected to earth
  • Being connected to the earth
  • When a vessel accidentally hits the ground

Most if the questions we have been asked has been more about the 2nd and 4th definitions… “How do you ground?” “How do you ground as a multi-dimensional being?” or just statements… “Grounding doesn’t work for me.” “I don’t know how to ground.” You hear comments like, “he is really down to earth.” And “She has both feet firmly planted on the ground”. But what do they mean, and are they related to grounding?  I believe that they come from the same concept, even though I have not been able to find the origins of either statement. Grounding is the process, or state of equalizing the energy in and around you.  It is similar to an electrical ground, but not the exact same thing.  When you are “grounded”, you create a balance in the energy that is in your physical and auric bodies.  This also allows excess or negative energy to flow away to be recycled since energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed.  It is a simple process with excellent benefits.  You can “ground” anytime you feel you need to be more firmly rooted in the moment.  Grounding is not a lengthy process… it is fast… it should not be labored over.  With practice, it should take only a second or two.

So let’s talk about what grounding means to us… it means bringing yourself together.  Think of yourself as a 5,000 piece puzzle with all your parts scattered all over the place… grounding is bringing yourself back together to one piece in one place.  Parts of you may be traveling “out there” somewhere, parts may be with a friend somewhere, parts yet at work, parts yet snoozing, etc…. grounding brings you all together …. We used to say it brought us back to be 3rd dimensional be-ings… but now we bring ourselves back to center to balance… in multidimensional (including our human form) bodies.  It isn’t connecting to earth – we are already resonating to the earth…. It isn’t sending roots down to the center of the earth… although you could do this; it should only be PART of your “grounding” exercise. 

You can do:

  1. Gold Light Exercise
  2. Breathe
  3. Chew on ice
  4. Rub ice over your body
  5. Put on an anklet with little bells that will make noise when you move
  6. Put a loose rubber band around your wrist and snap it hard enough to feel it but not to do any damage
  7. Jump into either a hot shower or a cold shower depending on the weather in order to shock yourself back into the present.
  8. Listen to music that suits your emotion and crank it up and sing out loud while stomping your feet.
  9. Stroking one of your cats and just closing your eyes and feel the fur and hear the purring.

10.  Brush your dog and concentrate on the feel of the brush strokes

11.  Biting into a lemon.

12.  Eating… yes, eating — salt

13.  Putting a small pebble in your shoe and walking around

14.  Digging your nails slightly into your palm just enough to cause dent marks and a bit of pain, but not enough to cause any damage.

15.  Popping bubble wrap.

16.  Search for some jokes, read them and laugh out loud

Honestly what works for us is the Gold Light Exercise; it is the easiest and fastest.

Why ground?

  • To be “here”
  • To be aware
  • It helps you shake off your daily troubles, and be present
  • It raises the energy around you
  • It creates a container within you for energy to be held and directed
  • It protects you from taking on harmful energies
  • It helps ensure that you send out only beneficial energies
  • It unifies the group energy

So that is it on grounding… think I probably need to go watch Loren’s Gold Light Exercise he tapped out at Ocean Shores, WA… well, I tapped, he talked…

The Gold Light works for me… what grounding technique works for you?  Do you have any to add?

I’m off for some coffee…. And thanks for joining me….

3 thoughts on “Grounding… Definitions of and 16 things you can do to “ground””

  1. I love how that wave almost reaches Loren & he keeps going, makes me smile every time. This is one of your best blogs yet; so useful! & who knew that may be why so many of us love popping bubble wrap?

    Thanks for writing on your “day off” & do enjoy some down time on this beautiful morning!

  2. Thanks for the list. I wonder if that is the reason one of my sons just loved lemons when he was little? And when we took a trip to San Diego once my daughter wore a little bell ankle bracelet the whole week.
    I do love Loren’s Gold Light Video. Seeing and hearing him talk and the ocean is SO grounding and comforting.

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