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Emotions — the good, the bad, the ugly…..

Chinese medicine teaches that there are seven emotional factors, which can weaken certain organs if they are unbalanced in the body.  These are anger, fear, fright, sadness, grief, pensiveness and joy.  Some of these overlap and some (such as joy) might sound strange to us.  Let us explain.

  • Anger (also resentment, irritability, frustration): affect the liver.  This can result in headaches, dizziness, high blood pressure and stomach/spleen problems.
  • Fear and fright: affect the kidneys and can also cause problems in the ears.
  • Sadness and grief: affect the lungs.
  • Pensiveness (in other words, over-thinking, too much mental effort): affects the spleen.  This can lead to worry, fatigue and inability to concentrate.
  • Joy (an excess of the emotion – in other words agitation or over-excitement): affects the heart.  This can result in agitation, insomnia, palpitations.

So I hope you can see why emotional cleansing is equally as important as physical cleansing.  Cleansing the emotions can act as a catalyst for cleansing the body.  Equally, you may well have found that, when you started physically detoxing – negative emotions arose, demanding attention.  If so, that’s very good – you will have plenty of material with which to work.

According to the spiritual law of transformation, when we supporess emotions they do not simply disappear without a trace but their energy transforms internally into something negative.  We react to negative emotions in several different ways and each of these ways can lead us to very different emotions.  Let’s now look in more detail.

Ways of reacting to negative emotions:

Let’s take the example of the emotion anger and different ways we might react to it:

  • You feel totally overwhelmed by anger, yet you don’t express it.  So, you feel the anger, but don’t show it, you suppress it.  This is the sure way towards illness
  • You are really angry yet you pretend (to others and even to yourself) that you’re not.  So, you make believe everything’s fine while on an inner level you’re seething.  At first sight, this seems better than suffering and bearing the emotion, but it’s an illusion, as you are only masking the problem.  This way will also lead to an illness of the aura.
  • You feel angry and you express that anger.  So, if someone makes you angry, you shout.  Someone pushes you, you push back.  This is certainly better than suppressing anger, but such an intemperate approach will weaken you spiritually.
  • You feel angry.  You recognize the emotion and accept it.  You ask yourself why you are feeling angry and decide to work on the cause behind the anger.  This way you accept all events in your life, including negative emotions.  You view them as Universe-sent – as valuable lessons.  This way will lead you to better health and towards wisdom.
  • You observe the emotion, the anger, in a remote, passive way. The exercises on achieving a neutral state.  This is another good, energy-friendly way of dealing with negative emotions, as passive observation will cause any negative emotion to diminish or will help you to choose the best way to act on it.

Just as a woodworm will eat through the foundations of wooden building, so block emotions jeopardize the development and glow of our astral body.  Each emotion carries a certain charge of energy, and if this emotion is negative as well as unexpressed, the vibration of these emotional energies will settle in and block our aura.  This will, in turn, continue to attract and form similar negative vibrations.

So I hope you realize how vital it is that we work at dealing with the negative emotions already stored in our auras and also learn how to avoid clogging up our auras in the future.

So, I’m off… can you tell I have a daughter who is an acupuncturist and has drilled many, many of the Chinese teachings into my hard, hard head?  (Chi – whizz)  Hmmmmmmmmmmm    Wonder if coffee will help?

3 thoughts on “Emotions — the good, the bad, the ugly…..”

  1. Thanks for the timely post! I kind of like the option of passive observation of these emotions — and it is useful to remember that this can even apply to joy!

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