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Eight things a person can learn from blogging/journaling— I did….

First of all I have to be honest with you I always intend to journal…I start out by purchasing really cool journals and neat pens, write for a couple of days – then, pooh, it is done. I must have about 50 “started” journals. I just never seem to have anything to journal about. I am a rather boring person so nothing really seems very interesting. So…. Sue (our webmaster) put up a blog on our website about 2 years or so ago… Right – get real… I blogged maybe twice… Then 2010 happened… I don’t know how else to describe it except for an onslaught of real and “other worldly” information pushing us to blog. Ok, ok, I give in… so we both started… me (Diane) on this blog and Loren doing the jewelry and a now numerology one. We both committed ourselves to how much, how often, and how much time we would spend actually writing the blogs. Wow!!!!

So the first benefit of blogging for me was

• Learning to get to know myself… I have discovered so much about me and how I react to things. I have learned that although I “may” be boring… I certainly have lots to say and can actually ramble on a bit each day. Although it was hard to limit myself to 10-15 minutes… and to not worry overly much about punctuation (like I ever did anyway) – I did worry what you ‘all would think about it – now, not so much. I figure you know how to X out of it if you get too bored.

• Learning more and more about goal setting: setting goals is a fundamental component of any personal development program. While there are a few different variations, it really comes down to one basic idea: write down your goals (and/or intents). A blog provides a great platform for writing down your goals and provides a place where you can review them on a regular basis.

• Learning accountability: When you share your goals and thoughts on your blog, you will benefit from the accountability that comes with telling people about them.

• Tracking my progress: Since a person will be reviewing their goals almost daily in some capacity, a blog will give a person a great platform for tracking their progress towards a particular outcome.

• Getting feedback: Feedback is one of the most powerful reasons a blog is an awesome personal development tool. I have learned so much from all of you… sometimes I am not clear about what I am saying; sometimes you give me another angle to consider…; sometimes it is just nice connecting…

• Expanding relationships: The relationships you form as a blogger will have a tremendous impact on your life personally and professionally. I am evolving as a person, but also having a network of contacts that is not limited by geographic boundaries.

• Getting community: Almost by default, when you become a blogger, you become a part of a group of like-minded people. We might have many different subjects that we write about and we might have our blog for different reasons…at the end of the day, we are part of a community full of people who want to help each other.

• Learning commitment and consistency: When it comes down to it, commitment and consistency are fundamental to getting anywhere with personal development. A blog can bring commitment and consistency into your life. If you expect to go through a course once and have your life dramatically changed, it is time for a reality check. Yes, all this personal development stuff does work. If you really want to use your subconscious to make a change, you just have to do it as often as your brush your teeth. Consistency. You get to decide how often… I am tiring to blog at least 5 times a week… taking off the weekend unless I have stuff to say… so far so good.

Do you blog or journal? If so, how has it helped? You can blog without sharing it with anyone or share with just selected folks… or do like we do… just throw it out there and see who it stick to….

Cup of coffee anyone?

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  1. You make feedback sound so good! … sometimes just connecting. Nice! I have been doing the same thing with my pretty new journal & colored pens. Maybe I’ll think of it like my own personal blog with pictures! 🙂

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