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Ego: good, bad, ugly, beautiful, or what? Are you too sexy for your pants?

Can ego help you?  Can ego hinder you?  Let’s get this out of the way right away… ego is neither good nor bad… In strictest terms ego is defined as “the self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves; in psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behavior, and is most in touch with external reality; one’s image of oneself.”  You notice… neither, positive or negative… more about who you are, the SELF.  If you think you are the greatest – the best – the “pie” – if you are above the masses so little things like “breathing” don’t apply to you, then you would be seen as an egotist or egomaniac”.  If you think too highly of yourself you may paint yourself into a corner that is very hard to live up to – always, always being “outside of the real you”.  In fact some folks have even developed a false ego chakra system outside of themselves in their auric fields.  If so, it really needs to be removed, it isn’t the real YOU (click on link to find out more information);  if you think too little of yourself, it is still ego, it isn’t as if you don’t have ego – you still have “self” – you are just limiting yourself… 

You cannot be without ego – ego is the self, is the you that operates in this world.  The trick is to be authentic.  Having authenticity means freedom from pretense.  The false ego has all sorts of veils of pretenses…masks over you – the self.  If you have a balanced ego (self), it is authentic.  Authenticity is the expression of an integrated self – all your selves (physical, mental, emotion, spiritual).  Being in balance is something we have to continually strive for – sometimes it is a struggle to be authentic.  Some of us are so used to being inauthentic that it doesn’t trouble us at all, it becomes so integrated, that we have lost ourselves and don’t remember who we are.  We have become numb, out of touch with our own “selves”.  It takes guts and courage to become emotionally committed to be “real’ to be “authentic”.  It takes work. It sometimes takes discomfort. It sometimes means losing friends who like the old “us” with our masks… the false you… the false ego.

As our own deepest intention to forge forward displaces the false self (ego), we will begin to feel a natural preference for authenticity – an attraction for “realness” of self.  And we march on…. plodding our way forward towards authenticity… we will be freer to be ourselves, free from pretense, free from falseness – free to just be our true selves – you know – with balanced egos.

My true self is yearning for some hot coffee about now… think I will honor it….  thanks again for tuning in.  If you have any suggestions for topics that I can muse or ponder about, please do let me know…

2 thoughts on “Ego: good, bad, ugly, beautiful, or what? Are you too sexy for your pants?”

  1. As I work on being more centered and balanced, I have also worked on expressing myself more authentically.
    However sometimes it is hard to determine what is the authentic, real me.
    I find it helpful to try and determine if my response, or thoughts have roots in fear, or love. I find that my ego has many fears and is often fear driven.

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