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Are you carrying your past resentments so they hinder you now?

All of us have been hurt, betrayed, lied to or disappointed in our lives.  It goes without saying… if you are human; you will develop resentments and grudges.  The issue is not whether you should or shouldn’t have them, the question is can or will your release them.  If you hold onto your resentments, you are chained to the past. Letting go of any resentment is vitally important if we are to move forward.  Many times, it was necessary… but to continue to hold resentment and negativity – well, it will hold you back. If you hold on to your grudges, your life is predictable because you will continue to be stuck in repetitive ways of thinking and behaving.

It really all starts with the Gift of Forgiveness.  I can hear you screeching… I can’t forgive.  It wasn’t my fault…..   It isn’t always about forgiving the other person… it starts with forgiving the self.  Forgiving YOU.  You somehow have to get back into balance… into neutral and you can’t do that if you are still living past grudges and resentments.  Unknowingly, your resentments define you are and who you can be in the future because you can be only as great as you allow yourself to be. Even if you moved into lower vibrating situations for whatever reason (lower vibrating energy = fear, etc), you are done with that and although it may have been necessary for some reason at the time, it is time to let go and move forward.

Also, if in the NOW you only have 24 hours, how much of that time are you going to give to the past?  To the past that can’t be re-done… We don’t get do-overs.  Even if you have been wronged, betrayed, abandoned, crapped on, etc. by another person, you do not have to forgive that person… it starts with you forgiving yourself … I know that sounds strange, but it is a good place to begin.  In forgiving self (and meaning it), it takes the “charge” off the situation until it just won’t matter anymore… then you quit giving up your time and energy on something you can’t change.

Find and eliminate the unproductive thoughts which keep you from experiencing the quality of life that you truly deserve.  In order to do so, we need to start with “completing the past”.  Remember we don’t get do-overs… so put all these thoughts where they belong… in the past… don’t we have enough to do, to think about, to live… in the NOW?

So, I am about “worded” out… think I need to wet my whistle… thanks for joining me in the NOW….

2 thoughts on “Are you carrying your past resentments so they hinder you now?”

  1. I like the quote ” Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

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