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What is holding you back? At least 5 things to take a look at.

So it seems like you have done EVERYTHING… “done” every program, “gone” to every healer and guru, “read” every book, “listened” to every audio tape, “watched” every video ever made, “prayed” a thousand prayers, “recited” mantras hundreds of times, “done” numerous cleanses, “been” on every diet known to mankind  — and you’ve yelled, screamed, bawled your eyes out — yet, you still not only feel stuck but sometimes feel as if nothing will ever change…  So, what in the heck is this all about anyway?  (…and, as usual, I am writing this as much for myself as for anyone else).

Here are some reasons… that perhaps you may want to look at… it is by no means complete and no one person could possibly identify with all of them.  Again, the YOU is meant generically… not meant for you personally… I am not pointing a finger at you….. Really…

1.  You expect someone else here on this 3rd dimensional plane to do the work for you… you’ve been released/whacked and cracked/poofed/ blew-on/cleared/wooga-wooga-ed  but you still feel “stuck”… remember, you still have to do the do.

2.  You expect your guides, angels, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Quan Yin, etc… to do the work for you… they are there to help, right?  Let’s get real folks, these folks are a lot of help, will give you all sorts of guidance and/or information, but if you need money for rent… I don’t think they will put cash into your hands.  The universe will meet you half way… but you have “gotta” do your part.  Although miracles do happen (and they are wonderful happenings)… if you are constantly waiting for these miracles… you are constantly waiting… i.e. – stuck.

2.  You live in the past… blame everything that IS HAPPENING TODAY… on yesterday… on the past… remember the past has already happened and it happened for a reason. Did you learn from it…? We do not get “do-overs”… so it happened… get over it… and go on.  How much of TODAY do you waste on something you don’t get to do over? This also applies for past lives…  Although past lives can and sometimes do affect the today, they are pretty easily dealt with by returning to the life time the event/trauma/wound/disease, etc.,  happened in – though hypnotherapy, trance, meditation, contemplation, etc. and leaving the event/trauma/wound/ disease in the lifetime it happened in… the original cause. Don’t make this hard. 

It can also go the other way – we once had a very well known person tell us that we owed her money from a past life… in the tune of millions of dollars… strange?  It troubled us for some time – in fact did quite a bit of work around this issue (we couldn’t “find” a past life that this happened in)… it turned out to be a financial issue that this person was having and found a potential “out”…. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and that helped the today???? How???? 

3.  Live in the future… folks, this hasn’t happened yet….

4.  Unwilling to give up:

  • Excuses
  • Diseases
  • Ailments
  • Maladies
  • Reasons
  • Yah-buts
  • Blaming someone (parents? husband? wife? pastor? etc.)
  • Unwilling to “give up” old habits and patterns

The pay-offs for any of the above might be too strong… to give them up might mean the price would be too high…

  • What if the world around you would collapsed?
  • What if people didn’t like you anymore?
  • What if you found yourself alone?
  • What if you took risks and nothing changed?  At least if I don’t do anything at all, I know what to expect.

5.  One thing we hear a lot is that this isn’t his/her lifetime for good things to happen… “I just got dealt a bad hand…”  If you “buy” into this, well, you will manifest and create just that.

To go forward is to step out of fear… (Which will be another topic for another day)… Are YOU willing to “pay the price” and give up excuses, diseases, ailments, maladies, reasons and all the yah-buts? 

Yah, I think I am… are you with me on this?  Maybe if I make enough noise, Loren will wake up and make a fresh pot of coffee…..(rattle, rattle, bang, bang…..)  I may take off tomorrow (Valentine’s Day and all)…. Loren and I had our first date on Valentine’s Day in… gasp.. 1965…  we must have only been toddlers…. (o:

4 thoughts on “What is holding you back? At least 5 things to take a look at.”

  1. Another great topic that allows us to see ourselves in action(or inaction)!!
    I most certainly have been in the seeking mode for most of my life and most of that seeking was directed to something/someone/some practice/some affiliation/ outside of or beyond myself.
    (HIGHER)SELF-sufficiency demands the willingness to accept nothing until one has validated it, as truth, through one^s own experience.This takes great courage and the capability to stand and be in places of great uncertainty,doubt, fear and loneliness.
    To the question what does it take for us to drop the quest for someone or something to protect us,save us or redeem us I have found it takes failure,suffering,fear and ultimately collapse and surrender!
    These moments and places in our journey where we fall apart,fail,collapse,etc. are tremendously important and fertile opportunities for openings and realizations.
    So many of us(I sure was) are looking for a way out from how we experience our being here and relief from our pain and/or circumstances.
    I have found that the journey truly begins when we begin to take responsibility for every aspect of our lives and make the commitment to go within to face, work through and integrate what are the sources of our external experience.
    The” level work” depends upon our own efforts to “integrate” what has been opened for us as possibility.
    I was listening to a recording where the speaker asked us to consider the hidden meaning in everyday language.He used the word integrate as an example.Integrate could be taken as “in to greatness”.
    May we share our journey “in to greatness”.
    Thanks Diane for something to begin my day in a mindful way!!!!!!!!

    Note from Diane: thanks for the comment- you have said it better than I could have!!! ….and summed up our level work in one sentence!!!!

  2. I have been seeking a lot. Recently I have started stepping into my power/responsibility. However there are still a lot of things I am not happy with. I look at things and say “Why am I doing this, it doesn’t make me happy”. Then the excuses start coming, and I decide it is better than the alternative, which I guess is the fear of the unknown. So I stay in the same pattern, not satisfied, and I don’t let things manifest as they maybe would if I gave up the excuses and fully lived.

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