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Wake Up Calls….. Have you ever had one? Did you listen?

Have you ever had a time in your life where you just felt stuck?  Icky? Depressed? Bored?  You knew there was “more” out there, but you didn’t know what to do about it or were afraid to do something about it.  So you just “went on”…  You’d get little bumps along the way, little gut feelings that things just weren’t right, but you’d plod along on the same path… the same old, same old…. Still feeling dissatisfied, but still doing nothing about it.  You wanted to, but logic got in the way, life got in the way, fear got in the way.  Next time the nudge to “do” something about something (still undetermined at this time)…was bigger.. The next time bigger and harsher yet…  You kept “feeling the words” – but didn’t know what the message meant… so you kept on keeping on.  We knew for years that first of all our teaching jobs weren’t feeling right anymore.  Loren got the message a long time before I did – or I should say, he was drafted into the military and got to experience his “nudges” and “pushes” in a military environment… I kept teaching, but always swore to myself that when I knew how much I earned as a teacher and also started counting the days until the school year would be over, that I would quit… too many individuals who wanted to teach were waiting in the “wings”… so the year that I started counting 165 days left of the school year  (only 180 in the year to begin with)… at the end of the year, I walked away from my career…(and that was the year I was voted “Teacher of the Year”… little did they know….)  Corporate America – here I come… and what a bad, bad, bad fit… the nudges to change became more pronounced… and more traumatic…  Keep in mind this was early on… way before all the self-help books and gurus… the audio and video tapes…  this trailblazing stuff really, really, really sucked…  2 very severe auto accidents… followed  by “downsizing” (a cute name for you are fired).. I finally started listening to my inner voice yelling at me, “ARE YOU LISTENING?”  Our story is on our website… you ought to read it if you haven’t… Incidentally – I didn’t “listen” immediately – too weird… so the harsh nudges translated into 6 more very severe auto accidents… Listening to the unknown and unspoken wasn’t a skill that I had. (I am still working on this one.!!!!)

So Wake-Up Calls… have you had yours?  Did or are you acting on it?  Have you written about it?  I’d love to hear about yours….  Tomorrow we will continue this subject of wake up calls and go further into “Hints and Stuff” from the universe. 

Check out the following blogs:  Loren’s blog on numerology and stones called Rock Your World is up and running;  Ted Anderson’s blog, Newted”s Path to Progressionis all about the magical properties of wood used when he frames your pictures; Joel Smeby’s blog is all about palmistry and other topics, Staff of Light, An Attempt to Follow my Bliss.  They all have great information in them!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmm, yep, coffee is a brewing…. and patiently waiting for me…

4 thoughts on “Wake Up Calls….. Have you ever had one? Did you listen?”

  1. I am very dense when it comes to my wake up calls. I know things aren’t a good fit. I know when I do things that make me feel inspired, that feel effortless, that feel right, yet I continue to do the things that feel hard, like I am fighting.
    One of my problems is that I can feel inspired with aspects of most of the things I do. It is just the overall experience is not what I often appreciate.
    Everyday I sit and count the hours until my “job” is done, so I can go and work on what I really want to. However what I work on does not support me, and I have to much fear to just jump in and quit my day job.
    But I know the key is inspiration, and doing what brings me joy.

  2. hahahaha………. More than a few times !!!!! i grew up if it wasn’t the hard way your not doing it right…

    So when i started this path i did everything by the book…… was so excited to meet my guides……. wasn’t happening soon enough it was my expectations…. Then the Universe laughed…. and said you are doing this for you not for us the Universe does not circumvent..

    Then i got it… i felt since i did everthing by the book they owed me..

    So not true… When you let go of expectations then you will see no sooner… It’s up to you.

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