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“Pie People”……… People Who Are “The All”…. Do you know any?

First of all, it will be interesting if you even read this, you may have looked at the title and said, “huh?’ and clicked out.  Or, perhaps you might be hungry and you think it is something to eat (nope), or you might think it is about “round” people and this is a diet blog today (nope); or, if you know me at all, you will know it is about folks who think they are the “pie”, the “all”, the “complete”, the answer to everything ever said or done.  This really isn’t written out of judgment but instead out of observations – of what to watch out for not only in yourself but in others as you journey along life.  Yourself – in that you can’t possibly be the “pie”… it is impossible to know everything about everything.  As we all plod along any path, the more we know (even in our selected field of studies) the more we find out we don’t know.

How to recognize “Pie People”

1.  Authority on and about everything

2.  Have a solution to ALL of your problems and questions – even if you don’t ask or have any

3.  Have an attitude about themselves that you can’t teach or tell them anything they don’t already know

4.  They can teach you everything you need to know, but you can’t know more than they do

5.  Many times are self-described gurus

6.  Want you to listen to only them

7.  Their word is LAW

I am sure there are more, but hopefully you are getting the idea.  The really interesting thing is that the people that I perceive know the most are the ones (even in their own authority fields) that will challenge you to find out more, to question them, to listen to them but formulate your answers.  They consider themselves a “slice” of the pie… they consider themselves as part of the whole, part of the answer.  They readily give you referrals for more information and for other types of answers and encourage you use them.  This applies to any and all fields.. From medicine (allopathic as well as alternative) to technology to the arts (all); from scientific to woo-woo to religious formats to atheism… anything, everywhere.  Even if you are an “authority” in a field, you still can’t possibility know EVERYTHING. 

As you know from this blogging attempt… we are entering a whole new world…the world of the internet… and internet marketing, etc.,  what impresses me about many of the “professional” bloggers is how readily they refer you to others in their field… they will supply you links, email addresses and downloads of their competition…  What I don’t understand from one person – another might have a different way of saying it that I do “get”.  The same goes with some health care individuals I have encountered… I go to a chiropractor that refers me to other chiropractors with different specialties, sometimes to MDs for MD-type problems, to massage therapists for deep muscle therapy… and, always to our daughter who will stick us all over with needles (acupuncture) for all sorts of other therapies… She (my chiropractor) considers herself part of the “pie”— a slice of my healing experiences…. 

The same goes for psychics… there are some who think they are “The Pie”… their word is the only true word, they channel better than, faster than, more accurate than, on and on and on… when in reality, it is the same… some are very good with channeling, some good at predicting and seeing the future (one of the best I have ever talked to was Victoria Laurie who only deals with the coming 365 days.. 1 year…), some deal with tarot cards, some with Rune Stones, some with pendulums, some with holding objects and channeling information about who had the object, etc, other still can tell you exactly what number you are thinking or what color is your favorite, other still can sense disease in a person (pretty accurately).  The list goes on and on and on – each having a “specialty”…     It doesn’t matter who you listen to, they still will only have their piece of the pie, channeled through their perspectives. 

We (Loren and I) consider ourselves just a piece of anyone’s “pie”… just a part of one’s journey.

So, for today, this “slice” signs off with some hopes and dreams of hot coffee waiting to be poured and savored by me.

A request has come in for me to write about “Hiding who I am: do you hide?.. why do you hide?; and how do you start to stop hiding?”   Good topic… one that I am pretty familiar with… gasp, time to look at this, I guess, since it is nearly the opposite of “The Pie”… Again, GASP!!!!

6 thoughts on ““Pie People”……… People Who Are “The All”…. Do you know any?”

  1. These times are surely about being a slice and not the whole pie yet manifesting all of the potential that each slice holds.
    Reading this brought into awareness the fact that both ends of this polarity,thinking oneself the whole pie or thinking oneself unworthy and less than,are equally distanced from the center.
    Thanks for helping to jumpstart my mind before I get the coffee on and get bundled up to dig out from the two day snow storm we are enjoying back East!!

  2. I am very happy with just a slice of the pie. I love pie, but I realize having the whole pie would just be to much, and make me (my ego) fat.
    I see ego as the biggest block to authentic intuition. I agree with Breath that your recent blog series has really looked at the spectrum from not valuing your own contributions, to thinking that you are “all that”.
    It’s about balance in the end. Knowing that life flows through you and expresses itself through you for your highest good, and the highest good of everyone. It is not the ego, it’s the spirit that counts.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh The “PIE”………… i have met people like this… So fixated on themselves that their way is the only way to the path..

    We are all born with the gift of dicernment and as having free will we are allowed to always question !!! When one of these “PIE” people say no thats not the way you may need to question that first of all, Not that all the information is wrong take the pieces that fit for you.

    Ted *^i^*

  4. This is so good for each and everyone of us! I am imagining a world where “I am not the pie, nor will I ever be the pie” is part of the oath/oath of office,etc that we all have to affirm at some point in our lives. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

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