Authority Figure???? Me??? You’ve Got to be Kidding….

Or better yet, “Walking My Talk – The Expert Thing”.  Along my journey, you know the one that I am on – not only learning who I am but, maybe, accepting and owning it.  I’ve (this is for both Loren and I) been called an authority, a mentor, a leader, a trailblazer, etc.  I usually do some nervous giggling, some shuffling, some embarrassing, “ahssss”, and very quickly change the subject.  It is one thing to own my issues (easy), own my talents (gulp) but too own that I actually know a bit more about S – O – M – E subjects and topics (and do it without ego or appearing to be egocentric), well, that is another thing entirely.  So on this journey of mine – today – I will own that perhaps I am an authority (qualifying this to be someone who either has a bit more knowledge in the subject you want to know more about or has access to this information and knows where to access it).


  • We do know about various modalities of alternative healing – particularly blockages, implants, assisting you in raising your vibratory rate, hypnotherapy, traveling multidimensionally, fear clearings, negative belief clearings, the awakening of self, dealing with shadow self, help you develop your true self.. that is all I can think of right now – it is pretty early in the morning….
  • We do know about the vibrations of stones and how to create healing jewelry to enhance a person’s well being and/or healing journey
  • We do know about our various education backgrounds of study, degrees and experiences ((teaching (BS), counseling (Phd), marketing the old way (MBA), program development (ME), testing (MS), who know what else…. ))  Alas, notice the lack of technology here?
  • We do know a lot about our various hobbies: quilting (Diane), photography (Loren), jewelry designs (Loren), cooking (both) – probably more as our hobbies evolve as we are evolving…

So, yes, we are authorities in some fields… but, realize that we are only a source of information, any authority is not the PIE… no one has the total information on any subject.  We’d be more than pleased to have you pick our brain and our knowledge base for anything you might need – information, services, etc.  We are really good at what we do, but fully admit, again, we are not the PIE.  But we also encourage you to take only the pieces that fit for YOU.

Now, take out a pen and paper and write down all your areas of authority… you’d be surprised to see how much you know…  Own it….

I am also an authority on what I like in coffee:  mild blend (Kona?), very hot, no cream, no sugar… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I do believe it is calling me….

1 thought on “Authority Figure???? Me??? You’ve Got to be Kidding….”

  1. Wow very good !! I have met some of those who call themselves the Pie or “the shit” meaning their way is “the way” totally get that.
    Thank you for the lesson of the Day ! *^i^*


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