A little more to add

If you are taking the assessment at the end of the other post…. the one that asks you if you are an incubator…. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD…. go with your first instinct… quit evaluating and going back and forth… just “DO IT”….

Remember when you used to take tests…. you had a “gut” reaction to the question, but then spent time evaluating, pondering, going back and forth… changed the answer about a million times????  Then found out in the end that the “gut” was the correct answer?  Well, this is the same…. go with the “gut”….

Now, I really do need some coffee… I posted the wrong thing on my personal facebook page….  not a good sign… perhaps I need to breathe… take a walk around the house… go get Loren up… nah…. just some coffee….

2 thoughts on “A little more to add”

  1. Incubator… would love to hear more about this! I feel so much more powerful & empower vs. guilty!

    p.s. you can delete your own FB posts you know :o)

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