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5 Steps You Can Do to Give Yourself the Gift of Inner Space …

Are you in a habit, a pattern of being so busy that you forget to take care of self?  Does just living “life”, doing all the “dos’, get in the way of you giving yourself time to center, ground and breathe?  Do you forget that one of the “dos” is taking time for “self”?

We get into a routine of answering emails, phone calls, working our various career paths, taking care of our families, being friends to our friends, etc. that can lead to an erosion of our own sense of privacy, inner calm and personal space.  Life sometimes gets in the way of you taking care of you.

Are you remembering that one of your “dos” is taking care of “self”?  Do you give yourself time to breathe?  Here is a little exercise to help remind you:

  1. Sit comfortably; breathe mindfully for a minute or two.
  2. Set an intention to give yourself some “inner” time, inner peace.
  3. Offer yourself the gift of a specific period of time – be it just for a minute or two and consciously let go of all that is going on around you – all the stresses, all the problems, all the complications, all the “happenings”.
  4. Notice your inner reactions to that gift of space and time.  Acknowledge all the feelings that arise for you.  You may feel relief, gratitude  …. Or you may feel boredom, guilt for taking time for self or worry about all that needs to be done.  You can learn from any of these reactions.
  5. Let the space and time you’ve given yourself and the insights you gain from this gift of time to “self” bring you at least a glimpse of inner peace and ease.

Now, you may want to write down your insights about how you reacted to giving yourself some “you” time.

Go enjoy your day….. I need some “pick-me-up” coffee – right now to fill my “inner space”.

1 thought on “5 Steps You Can Do to Give Yourself the Gift of Inner Space …”

  1. In the daily bustle of life it is very hard to remember to carve out a little time for myself. Even when I do, I generally will use the time to turn on the tv and pluck away at the computer.
    I try and remember to take meditation time each day, just to give myself some quite time, to center.
    I guess I have just gotten used to do the gold light exercise and moving on.
    However I think I am going to start taking a little time each day, just to center and listen.

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