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What feeds me?

I received an email from a friend of mine yesterday, a single liner – which said “What feeds me?” Since I hadn’t looked at the mail for a bit, it had some forwards (you know the kind when folks hit the “reply all” instead of just the “reply”) that were discussing/answering the question.  Some spent time just pondering, philosophizing, logicalizing; while others actually went inside of themselves to see what “feeds” them; while others still felt like they had to explain the question to others.  Isn’t it interesting that such a simple question brought out a wide variety of answers?  Not only it is interesting… but very telling in the kind of individual each person is.  This is not out of judgment because I truly “get” that each person has his/her own “path”, but it truly showed me that just because YOU know what you say, doesn’t mean the audience (be it one person or a multitude) will always follow the same logic or random thought stream you had. We all need to remember this fact… and, yes, it is a fact, but I am so off from topic now… I will swing back…

Today’s little musing from me, will be pretty short… I am going to spend at least part of my day, pondering the question, “What feeds me?”  “What nourishes me?” “What gives me inspiration?” …and if you have any time, I am going to suggest you do it also…

I also look at this as food for my soul, food for my higher self.  I will begin here and then when I am settling into my easy chair, resuming my morning “fetus” position – clutching a steaming cup of hot java… I will continue this pondering.  Oh, yes, I will have a pen and paper nearby so I can actually record – so I can remember later (also a new habit I am trying to develop).

First of all the sound and visual view of salt water “feeds” me…particularly on a day when there is any kind of wind; most any kind of nature actually, but old, tall trees – the kind you can lose yourself in really “feed” me; little kids giggling or the uncensored laughter of an adult; a new challenge or quest; a loving pat on my shoulder from Loren; a heartfilled hug from my kids or a lunging attack from the grandkids….I am sure I will have a big list when I finsh. These all feed, nourish or inspire me.  So that is it, short and sweet… gonna go assume my fetal position with my coffee and do “some thinking”.

6 thoughts on “What feeds me?”

  1. What feeds me? feeling the Creator’s love and light, feeling all is well with the world, beauty in scenery (love water… Lake Superior & trees), learning something new (especially spiritual), solving mysteries, getting lost in creating art (drawing, painting, pottery, knitting, sewing), intellectual stimulation, my family being happy, my cats purring, friends, time to myself, exercise (bike riding, walks), work going smoothly, being well rested, a full belly, good chocolate & coffee,& tea, humor, a clean house, music…and time to do it and enjoy it all in balance…and appreciate it.

  2. quiet — I love quiet! when I turn off something noisy, my first reaction is aahhh, that’s so much better!

  3. A walk in the woods marveling at the trees, the new forest, the play of the turkey hawks in the trees, calling, teasing; the wind on my face as it wraps around me; success with cooking up something new that actually tastes good; the encouragement of a friend; the quiet of the whispers that surround me; the music as I fall off to sleep; spirit in meditation; a new class in an area of my passion; music that moves.

  4. What a seemingly, yet truly not, simple question. What feeds me? You do, for which I am very thankful. I will look at this more in my dreams tonight.

  5. It’s so important to take time to find out what feeds us, and reconnect. Reading your examples made me a little teary just thinking about it.
    I am glad you are taking this time. I think I am going to carve out some time for it myself.

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