Today… who are we????

((You do all those “weird” things, but you “appear” to be so normal.))  I cannot begin to tell you how often we hear those words.  ((But folks really respect you because you are sooo real))  Now, I ask you, why wouldn’t I be normal?  What in the world is normal anyway?  It – is what each person (individual) thinks is normal.  What is normal for one person certainly may be weird for another.  You know, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder thing.

In my last blog I talked about “knowing who you are”.  We do know that we don’t want  followers… what our purpose is— is just to help you – help yourself. Keep your power… we don’t want it and you don’t really want us to have it.  We are “bringers of information”. The whole purpose of our newsletters and these musings… is to urge you to think for yourself… to take all information coming at you from all directions and find out what fits and discard the rest…. Have you heard us saying this about a million times?  Lots of folks have followers.  Followers that buy into whatever the “leader” is saying.  In the “buying” into, each individual doesn’t have to think for themselves.  They don’t have to decide what is right or wrong “for themselves”.. also, it is always good to have someone else to blame if things don’t go right, an excuse if things are “mucked” up.  I did what ***** told me to, so my messed up life is their fault.  I don’t want folks to believe or buy into whatever I am saying or Loren is saying.  What we want/wish, etc. for each individual is to decide “truth” for themselves.  Little “gems”/”wisdom” comes from EVERYWHERE; no one person has YOUR answers.  We’ve been called “the next thing since sliced bread”, “the gurus” and “the devil’s spawn, the “how dare you, you witch”, and a few more.  We are NONE of those, we are just Loren and Diane – people, individuals who happen to “bring and disseminate” information.  You choose what fits…. We don’t.

Man, sometimes we really piss people off.  We have worked with/on/facilitated, etc, many, many folks… some famous, some infamous, some regular, some irregular… from all walks of life… going from the insanely rich to the homeless from every religious or non religious group known to mankind.  We worked with priests, bishops, archbishops, rabbis, ministers, atheists, agnostics.. the works… from authors, CEOs, CFOs, presidents (yes, really), drs, nurses, policemen, firemen, day care workers, teachers, Indian chiefs  (hee hee)… you get the gist…. We’ve worked with folks from 6 of the 7 continents….  Some folks will stay in contact with us, some won’t, some will go forward, expand, grow; while others won’t.  Our purpose is to unlock blocks… and a myriad of other things (39 levels).. Sometimes the folks will blossom, grow, expand while others will remain stuck even though the blocks have been removed.  This is not up to us… our “job” is to facilitate your journey.  Sometimes it is difficult to go forward, sometimes it is easier to stay stuck.  We all create barriers; sometimes these barriers (emotional, mental, spiritual, this life, past life, etc) are hard to deal with.  What we all do with our individual barriers is entirely up to each of us.  We can either makes excuses (easy) or we can reach out, dig in and deal with them.  It is really up to each individual.  No rights, no wrongs, just is-s. 

Some folks don’t have the ability to work with more than one person as a healer or guru at a time.  They have their “guru” or “healer” or “new healing technique” of the moment.  All other healers, gurus, psychics, psychologists, authors, etc. are wrong for that moment.  It is the new flavor of the month… “new guru” time.  Everyone else is wrong, NOT in the know; the “new” flavor is where it is all “happening. This will change when the “new” flavor changes.  We don’t want to be “the flavor of the month”… we just want to help you help yourself.  …and you know you all can muli-task….

So how many of you did I lose after you read that?  It is really funny, when folks read a line or two they disagree with, they will immediately cancel getting our “Muses” or rip us off an email….  but, I figure I met my goal… I made them think….  What do you think?

Now me… remember how I am also trying very hard to “find” out who I am…. I wrote yesterday how bothered I am … when I perceive folks are judging me?  Isn’t that strange?-  I really have the balance when it comes to understanding and applying most of the time… not judging others for their opinions.  I truly believe everyone has a right to their own beliefs, their own opinions and actually their own judgments….  Why then do I worry so much about being judged by others?  It isn’t as if I am the center of each of their universes….  It isn’t as if they are really judging me… I just “think” they might be.  I am actually afraid to post on facebook or twitter about this blog because I am afraid my family and friends who I have remained “closeted” in my “weirdness”… my sixth sense abilities will quit liking me.  Isn’t that shallow?  Everyone,  did you hear that?  Everyone has a sixth sense…  I don’t care if you are a born again Christian or the staunchest critic… you have a sixth sense.  I am not a call 900 psychic… I don’t have the ability to guess what number you are “thinking”… but I can “see” and “hear” and “know” crap I shouldn’t.  Big deal….huh?  I have been afraid to post this blog link on facebook… but perhaps today is the day.  Guess we’ll see…. Need c-o-f-f-e-e-….

6 thoughts on “Today… who are we????”

  1. It truly comes down to the individual to sort through all that is out there to determine what resonates uniquely for them and then to do the work required to integrate it and ultimately become it!
    Most of what we seem to react to in terms of how others see us/accept us/reject us emanates from our own inner critic/ego.
    The path to knowing who and what we are is more one of moving away from from what,over time,proves to be inherently untrue of us.
    As we continue to move away from and discard aspects of how we perceive the world,restricted emotional patterns, distorted cognitive patterns and habitual/unconscious behavioral responses we ‘Be-Come” closer to our essence.

  2. Dear Loren and Diane,

    Surprising, I have known you a loooooong time and I didn’t know that not all of your family and friends knew of your Gifts. Not that they have to or you have to tell them. I figure (with myself) that people will find out when the time is right (some just aren’t ready) and that is OK. Or am I not ready, it would change alot of things in my life and am I ready to do that and is it necessary for them or for me? Would it make my life more difficult if it is not important for them to know?

    Some people seem to have a “thick skin” and other people’s opinions just role off them. Then there are others who are artistic and sensitive people who just seem to be crushed by judgement no matter how much they try not to. And it is ironic that the artists are sensitive to judgement, because they are the ones who are doing the creating to help the others and bring beautiy and truth to the world. If you are a sensitive person it is like your whole being is being pierced when you are judged no matter how you try to protect yourself. If anyone has a solution…

    So concerning our search to find “who I am” it seems like there are many levels we could be talking about. There are descriptions of our appearance, labels of our jobs/responsibilities, our interests, talents, preferences, beliefs, thoughts and uniqueness. Those are the easy, obvious ones. So what are we looking for as we distil and narrow the search more? Who we were in past lives?… where we originated?… What is our mission/purpose? If we narrow it down more and more will we find that we are all unique divine sparks/facets of the creator? Does that satisfy our descrition of ourselves accurately or completely, or is that still incomplete? I don’t know if that is satisfying enough to me. Sounds too simplistic. Have to ponder some more…

    I love your blog. Thankyou!

    1. I think everyone needs to do things on their own schedules… not anyone elses… you do what feels right to you… since we have this “business” and are pretty public with it… it was time for me to own what I do…. and after 20 years… I really didn’t “come out” quickly, huh? And thanks for the comment… your questions… hmmmm sounds like blog topics… diane

  3. Personal responsibility is a theme I have been seeing play out a lot recently. I think people need to take responsibility for their situations, make their own assessments and and determine what is correct for them. But I see people looking everywhere for answers except inside themselves.
    I am not sure I am all that different. I know I have the answers inside myself, but I always want to understand better, validate more, and receive information like others so I have an example.
    Slowly I am learning that I am who I am, and my information comes to me as it comes to me, and that I create my reality.

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