…now we have Extreme Multi-tasking….

Extreme Multi-tasking…

I grew up in a generation where it was proposed (by whom I don’t know) that you (particularily woman) could have it all.  What in the world does that mean anyway?  Do I even want “it all”?  So there I was in the “emerging” woman’s lib” movement and didn’t even know it.  I kept hearing “you can have it all”.  You can have a fulfilling career, you can have a family, you can have fulfillment, etc. Somehow we could give 100% of ourselves to each.. 100% career, 100% family, 100% fulfillment, etc.  It was the Helen Reddy “I Am Woman – Hear Me Roar” era.  I believe this is where Multi-tasking was invented.  So instead of doing just one thing at a time… we “got” to do everything well….  We learned to juggle – stretch time – and still “do it all”.  Of course, at the time, we never learned (or at least I didn’t) to take care of ourselves.

If you have been reading this blog, you will know what a trying time I have been having lately; I’ve been trying to spend time working on self while still trying to maintain everything I’ve been doing – family wise, career wise, etc.  At the same time, changes are happening at lightning speed to everything around us… earth changes, economic challenges, political unrest (here and across the globe).  Yet we all try to juggle it all. 

Do you know what extreme sports are?  If not Google the words “extreme sports”.  Essentially, they are exactly that… EXTREME…  way over the edge.  I realized yesterday that… I was doing “extreme multitasking”.  I have learned to be a very, very good multi-tasker.  In fact, very successful at managing 3-4-5 things at the same time… but recently, I have taken this mult-tasking to an extreme.  I have become a unsuccessful EXTREME Multi-tasker.  Juggling too many things that my brain becomes totally shut down… I get “brain freeze” or “brain over-load”.  Has this ever happened to you?

So today, I am going to make a new commitment to myself (perhaps you might want to do this, also)… I am going to take time to breathe, look over my day, am figure out what is accomplishable in the NOW…. Not what I expect or others expect me to accomplish… So for today, I will try to stay in the NOW…. I am breathing…. now another breathe….. yes, the NOW demands it is coffee time… then I am making a list…. See you tomorrow…

Oh, Loren’s utube “Gold Light Exercise” is published on utube….

5 thoughts on “…now we have Extreme Multi-tasking….”

  1. I can relate to the increasing pressures to meet all expectations(internal and external) in the multitasking arena.
    Technology initially was something that would provide us more free and leisure time however our society is driven by more and more intrusive demands on our time and attention(no wonder ADD and ADHD are increasingly prevalent) 24 hours a day.
    Cell phones,e-mailing,texting,twittering,skyping,etc. can be convenient but I am forever asking myself at what cost.
    I find that the daily commitment to meditation,breathwork,just being in silence or in nature are becoming requirements to sustain resiliency and balance of heart,mind and soul.
    Even on the days that are most demanding and full I find that taking a few minutes here and there to do “The Gold Light Exercise” or something similar provides more balance and quality of experience.
    Thanks for sharing your daily journey because reading it always reveals something that resonates with mine.

  2. Oh yes……….. all the time to the point where almost overwhelmed with “stuff” to do i make a list then prioritise it then go from there. Works for me.


  3. Thank you for this. I have realized in the last week that I made it through the barrage of family medical problems last month in neutrality, but I dropped many of the plates that I juggle at/for work. I’m trying to pick up some of the plates today because they are the priority now. Breathing…

  4. I have never thought of it this way. I have been feeling things slipping through my cracks and I wonder why. I tell myself I am good at multitasking.
    This really opened my eyes to the fact that you can be good at multitasking and still be overwhelmed.

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