Learning to Remember

So here are again…. I have made a commitment to write on this blog as often as I can… I’d like to translate this task  into everyday, but – in trying to give myself a little leeway – I will try to communicate with you every day.  Sometimes we wake up with an entire blank mind (or is that a normal state?)… I have always been one of those folks… I can never remember my dreams right away or remember any “travels” I participate in the previous night.  That is normal for me.  We’ve been told repeatedly to keep a journal by our bed so when we wake up –  we should immediately write down all we remember.  In fact, we’ve been told to do this during the night as we wake up.  Since I have started this mission – actually years ago…. My journal remains blank – nada – zippo… nothing ever is recalled… BUT what is normal for me is to have bits and pieces “appear” during the day… now I jot down these little bits and pieces.. Voila… that is what is “normal” for me.  It can happen when I am working out on the exercise bike (which is what I do first thing each morning to keep some sort of flexibility in my fake knee), when I am checking email or facebook, when I am talking with someone on the phone, when I read the newspaper (yes, I still like the printed word),or, perhaps, when I am riding in the car just chatting with Loren… for me, these bits and pieces come anytime.  If I take time to just jot down a phrase or two… all the memory of what happened the previous night unfolds for me…  Man, sometimes it is so profound it amazes me.. other times.. well, not so much.  What I am trying to tell you is that – your process… how you “remember” will be unique to you.  Don’t try to do it how others tell you it has to work… that may work for them, but you have to find your own way.  I will tell you, though, you have to do something to “cement” the recollection in your “awake” mind; if you don’t, the memory will pass back into your unconscious. I guess it is all about learning to quiet the mind so the active, awake, take charge part of our mind can take a break (nap?) and let all the stored memories in our unconscious or super conscious mind (which holds all information) can get a chance and have some 3rddimensional time to participate in our lives.  For all of us left-brainers, this is a difficult task… it seems like giving up control.. it seems “airy-fairy”.. new agey… but actually, if we can just learn to give our “awake” conscious mind some time to take some time off, we actually have more access to the knowledge, abilities, talents that are stored away… the ones we don’t give time or any of our focus to remember, to develop and to shine through.  The past few levels of our work deals with these very issues (for more information on any of this, take a look at Levels 37,38,39).  So my task today is to give time for my over-active conscious mind to rest…  I do well with tasks… wonder how I will do today…. oh… I smell fresh coffee… Loren is such a gem.. here he is with a steaming cup of joe…. Talk to you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Remember”

  1. Ahhhh i totally agree as i go through the day i get a light bulb flash of what happened the night before and quickly jot it down and as i glance at the information later in the day i recall the entire experience as it unfolded… Soooo happy…

    When i first started journaling my experiences i can look at the information today and have total recall of the “dream” (if that’s what we want to call it ) and relive the experience.

    Ted *^i^*

  2. Just the other night I woke up and I knew I had something I needed to write down. I had it crystal clear in my head. I reached for my pad of paper, and the very act of moving blew it away. It still tingles at my consciouness. I have some time tonight. I will try and quite my mind and see what comes back

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