Learning new skills? Doable?

This should be titled, “Trials and Tribulations of a New Blogger”.  As I am embarking on this new journey (well, one of my new journeys) to try to become literate on the computer and actually blog, twitter, facebook, etc., I am continually faced with the question, “Do I have the ability?  Am I smart enough?  Have I completely missed the window of opportunity for my brain to learn new things?

My inadequacies have been raging today.  This all reared its ugly head yesterday after I faithfully wrote in my blog and posted it.  I always view the page after I post it (you’d think I would preview it, but then, who thinks that early in the morning?)  Oh, No!!!! It wasn’t on the posting page.  So, going into logical thinking, I thought, perhaps, things are slow today.  So I waited and checked two hours later.  I am still calm at this time, but… noooooooooooooo, it still wasn’t posted… so I went in and copied it in (I write the posts in Word and copy and paste them on the blog).. and posted it again.  I am getting unpatient… but, still, not a raging lunatic.

I wait another hour and check…. Nope, nothing…. So I went into the administration of the blog, search for the title and find it….   …under “page”…. Not under “post”.  Now I am confused my patience and tolerance totally gone…  I copy the screen I am looking at and send it off to WonderWoman Sue (my webmaster)… she calls back and tells me I created a “page” and not a “post”… Huh? There is a difference?  Evidently…. Sue patiently, without treating me stupid or talking down to me, explained that instead of clicking on the “new post” , I scrolled down on the new post menu and clicked on new page…..  Ok, until yesterday morning, I always clicked on “new post”… why did I choose the menu option?  Perhaps to further my education? 

Oh, and did you know there is a difference between categories and tags?  Really don’t answer that… I don’t want to think I am alone on this journey.  Luckily, I have a terrific and very patient webmaster…. Thanks, Sue. (

Yes, I am a work in progress…. I think I hear hot coffee calling my name:  Diane, Diane, Diane….

3 thoughts on “Learning new skills? Doable?”

  1. Good morning Diane,

    You my friend have the gift of patience most people would have said “screw it I’m done” and walk away never to return !! But you my dear friend as the wonderful teacher you are have told us what happened and how to resolve it without having to experience it for this i thank you and commend you !!! Good job well done !!


  2. I was surprised yest that I was checking your blog before you posted … now it all makes sense! good for you for sticking with it! we’re all very glad you are here & sharing yourself with us!

  3. I am amazed at your skills and persistence, but then again you are looking at someone who… well…OK, I’m not supposed to say bad things about myself.

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