…and yesterday did happen…chaos…

Time…. What it time anyway?  I had to use every bit of my being to drag myself out of bed this morning.  Not even the thought of coffee can take this fog out of my head.  I didn’t think yesterday would EVER end… at the same time so much was going on that I had total “brain overload” all day.  Ever have that?  Soooooo much “stuff” to do, to respond to, to participate in – that you can’t seem to accomplish anything – while at the same time  you can actually see even the seconds ticking away on the clocks?  Time slipping by at the same time it seems stopped?  I couldn’t prioritize… everything I touched went wrong… I dropped things, broke things, reacted to EVERYTHING… mistakenly deleted my entire family’s distribution list on Outlook when I was trying to send out a family update email…(why do they have both the x for delete and a remove button along the top of a distribution list anyway?  Which one do you use?  Well, this time – I can tell you… when trying to update an individual email address.. what you don’t do is – highlight the name and hit the delete sign…. This causes the whole list to be deleted… what you should do is hit the remove button, which in turn will delete only the individual name, you then can “add’ or re-enter the name with the correction.  You’d think I would have remembered this because I lost the entire client list just a few weeks ago.)  As I screamed out, NOOOOOOOO, Loren came running in, thinking I’d either died or hurt myself…  I probably caused just a bit of panic because the sleeping grandchildren woke up crying… causing even more havoc….  All of this happened in just a few seconds…  the day just didn’t end – and all the chaos continued…  What would have happened if I just would have remembered to take a moment and to breathe… give myself that moment of “NOW”?  Ever have days like that?

So today, I am up…. But I am going to give myself the gift of the “now”…. I am going to sit here a bit, breathe.  I am going to go find a blankie, curl myself up and get a few more “twilight” hours… no coffee, just some calm…. See you tomorrow, folks…. Now all of you go take a break, breathe, center and ground… really give yourself the gift of “now”…..

4 thoughts on “…and yesterday did happen…chaos…”

  1. I like the old system where it says are you sure you want to delete this? Are you really sure? Your positive? OK delete then..

    We all need to take that breath first….

  2. I don’t know what happened yesterday, except for some huge shifts, but I really struggled to stay centered in a way I haven’t since 9/11/2001. With what is going on in the political system, Haiti, changes in mother earth and our universe(s), it was almost too much to stay peaceful and centered. A challenging day. I just lost myself in front of the TV set for a number of hours…mindless. Today is better, but no more TV or radio or awhile. Stay in my own world and the world of the “fairies”.

  3. God knows I can relate to having days like that!!!The good news is that your inner wisdom took over this am and led you to slowing down and staying in the eye of the hurricane that is swirling so relentlessly these days/nights.

  4. Well it seems that things are happening all over… finished the court case this am and went to court – so fun. I learned how screwed up this system is. The Judge was the same age I was and remarked so and the prosecuting attorney was 15 yrs younger and answering my questions… “I know that is not the way it should be but that is the way it is.” And when I asked him why he didn’t write a brief to change things he stared blankly at me. Showing really how things are so “changing”, kangaroo, flip-floppy in this world. Yet taking that deep breath you can see what needs to be and know that you are “sailing” on the smooth sea of sunlight. hmmmmm I think I will wait til morning but I could swear I smelled the coffee! BTW 4 ft yes FEET of snow in Flagstaff…

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