…and the next day

Morning all…. the energy seems to be settling in a bit…. it certainly hasn’t been translated upwards to the newscycles, but if you just stand still, center, ground and “feel” through your feet…. it is much, much smoother…. I’d recommend to give the news a pass today… at least we are going to.  Think we will go find a spot at the shore to “breathe” in the ocean air and see if we can get any messages.  Of course, it looks like a bit of rain so we may get “cleansed” while doing it…..   (o:

So, the saga of Loren’s stolen debit card continues… we found out by calling some of the charges that were made that had 800 numbers associated with them –  that his “new” name appears to be Garcia Mickelson…. now I ask you… does this 100% Norwegian look like a Garcia or a Swen?  Anyway, we think we have stopped all the charges…. now, fill out all the paperwork to retrieve the funds…  This has been SO much fun….. we can’t seem to find a positive out of this experience (you know me – I always made a list of the goods and the bads of any situation… well, yes, I am sorta anal about trying to figure out things)… this time (perhaps it is tooo soooooon), the good seems to ?????  Perhaps us setting good boundaries?  Perhaps, we won’t figure it out… let it go….just get on with the TODAY…. breathe Diane… breathe Diane… again, maybe coffee will help…..  right now, am struggling with the fact that I am the mom of a 41 year old…Sean’s birthday today…  am I really over the age of 41?  Noooooooo

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  1. Yeh, not sure what to say there except thank god for coffee of which it’s 11 am mn time and as of yet haven’t had a sip yet… uugghh……….

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