A “light bulb” moment

Although I wrote this yesterday for our newsletter, Mickelson Muse, this is pretty much how I am this morning… (added to the fact I overslept and am too tired to think…)  Enjoy… perhaps some coffee will help… wonder if someone will give it to me intravenously?

I am calling this a special report because I just had this “light bulb” moment a couple of hours ago.  To back track just a bit… we have all been feeling a bit disconnected, fussy, bewildered, confused, having low or no energy, etc. lately.  In our household, we are all getting over a long physical illness spell with colds, sinus, sore throats that lasted a lot longer than normal.  But this time our recovery period was much longer than normal… Our bodies not only had no energy, our thought processes had all gone to hell… to be perfectly honest with you (and let’s face it folks, have I ever been anything but honest with you?), I thought the aging process had finally arrived to senility or the Alzheimer stages… Daily, I became more and more worried and more and more confused.  I have been confused before, but for short lengths of time… this has lasted for literally weeks.  We began screaming at the universe, god, etc… Enough is enough…. We’ve had it…. You all get the drill, right?  We’ve been on this hamster wheel doing the same thing over and over again… seeing the same scenery pass by… knowing that the old way doesn’t work, but not knowing what the “new way” is.  Folks kept writing about “creating your own reality”, but we didn’t even know what to create… we get the “how to” but were literally stuck on the “what to”.  Individuals were writing “we’ve arrived”, the transition, ascension or whatever it was called – is happening or has happened….  HUH?  We’ve written – even in this newsletter – that it is process not an event….. but yet, here we were on our hamster’s wheel still spinning around.  Same old, same old, same old……  BUT, STOP…. I realized today when I was talking to Loren that we aren’t on the hamster wheel anymore… when in the heck did we get off?  Loren theorizes it was around January 15th… (With all the stuff that happened that day) but it really doesn’t matter when it happened just knowing that it happened. I looked around and I’ll be darned if I wasn’t on the old hamster wheel anymore… No wonder we are all confused, disorientated, etc.  If we’d been treading on this wheel this whole lifetime and suddenly get off… (Close your eyes and imagine getting off a Tilt ‘o Whirl at the fair, you have been spinning in for 10 years…) how would you feel?  Our legs are weak and shaky – we stagger around, our head is spinning wildly and probably headachy, our brains are void of a thought process, our stomachs are nauseated… on and on and on… No senility… just a “change of locations”.  So we all need to take a breath… we are “here” in an integrated “new earth”… we then realize that we know, not only how to create, but what to create…. Yes, it is happening – we are evolving… we are progressing, but do realize “we have a different earth”….

With the “what to create”… a caution here… you may feel as if you are suddenly stuck into a high school advanced math class when you have just really figured out what the number 2 was.  Breathe and give yourself a break…Your legs may feel a little wobbly – like you’ve just gotten off a boat and are trying to steady yourself… Although you are progressing in an accelerated warped speed, you do have all the tools.  We have always known we couldn’t market and conduct our business the old way… it didn’t work… traveling from city to city, renting rooms to give talks and do our business ceased working for us around 2000… we’ve been in a hamster wheel, but on a treadmill in the hamster wheel – running faster and faster – but literally going no-where.  We have been given so much advice from everybody – everywhere – from friends, family, channeling sessions, strangers, etc. all telling us to “get out there”, and get public – go market yourselves.  We could only reach “the choir” – the folks that already knew us or knew about what services we provided… we did figure out how to do our business the “new” way and have been conducting it that way for the past 10 years, but couldn’t for the life of us figure out how to “get out there” – market ourselves to people other than the “choir”.  Now we know… the “new”… and onward we march…..

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  1. This is an exciting time. Thank you for doing the work of being our Trailblazers!…and inspiring us to reach higher! The choir does need a choir director in order for it to sound good, work together, learn new songs, and be cohesive. The time is more ripe now for the others who are not in the choir to be receptive to you when you “get out there”.

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